I am running for re-election as State Representative to SC House District109.
I humbly ask the residents of District 109 for their continued consideration, support and vote on November 6, 2018.

I promise to continue the work of good government on behalf of my constituents, residents and the citizenry of South Carolina. I will continue my fight for “quality of life” issues:

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  • quality public education for all K-12 children (not minimally adequate) and early childhood education.
  • making college and/or technical schools more affordable and accessible.


  • affordable and quality health care for everyone (particularly the elderly, children and underserved populations).
  • community health education prevention and affordable prescription assistance programs for all populations.


  • affordable and decent housing for all citizens.

√Civil Rights

  • economic justice and equality for all citizens.
  • equal rights, civil rights, women rights and equal protection under the law for all citizens.
  • religious freedom

√Justice Reform

  • programs targeting at risk youths to improve school retention and reduce youth arrest rates.
  • rehabilitation programs for those imprisoned (education and job training).

√Environmental Protection/Climate

  • strengthening environmental protection laws (clean air, water), reduce noise pollution, increase green space, promote use of solar energy
  • promote and support recyling


  • infrastructure, better roads, improve  bridge safety via inspections and explore avenues to reduce flooding.
  • expand and develop a mass transit program that would reduce the amount of traffic on our roads and highways
  • reduce accidents and traffic jams
  • provide services to many workers who do not drive.


  • fair and living wages, equal pay for equal work.
  • fair labor laws (freedom to organize unions for better wages, safer working conditions) without penalty.