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How To – Get In and Out of a Kayak

Yak Info | read time 3 minutes

To Begin You Must Get In!

How to Get In a Yak — Dry Tail Method (From the Bank)

  1. Load your gear securely in the yak
  2. Position the kayak adjacent to the bank
  3. Make sure it’s fully in the water but the side closest to the bank should only be a few inches in the water
  4. Place the paddle just behind the back of the cockpit with the 3/4ths of the paddle on the bank side of the yak
  5. Squat parallel to the yak and facing the same direction as the yak
  6. Reach behind you and grip the paddle shaft behind the cockpit with your right hand
  7. Grip the shaft with your left hand close to the edge of the yak
  8. Pushing down, distribute your weight evenly across the shaft and slide your bottom across the rear of the cockpit
  9. Slide down and into the seat and bring your paddle to its normal position
  10. Then use your paddle to push against the bed and work your yak out onto the water
  11. Note** Don’t place your full weight or sit completely on the shaft because it can cause it to bend or break

Getting Out of  a Yak -Dry Tail Method – (From the Bank)

  1. Make your way to the bank
  2. Position your yak adjacent to and as close as possible to the bank
  3. Position your paddle behind you resting behind the seat with one end of the paddle firmly on the bank
  4. Reach behind you and place your hands firmly on the paddle to support your weight
  5. Pick up the leg closest to the bank and kick it out and lift up using the paddle to support your weight
  6. Step out with your other foot and you should be …pretty much dry and out.

Here are a few great yaks to get started.