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Swiss Cargo 3 in 1 Kayak Carrier Review

Gear Reviews | read time 3 minutes

Kayaks don’t fly so how are you gonna get them to the water…big catapult?

When I decided I was going to get into kayaking, one of my biggest concerns was how to get the yaks to the water. Well this great roof rack answered that question. It’s versatile and extremely easy to use. You can take 1 or 2 kayaks easily. It does require a pre-existing rook luggage rack. If you have that, it can be installed and ready to roll in less than 15 minutes. It’s versatile and perfect for a single kayak, two kayaks, and even oversized kayaks or canoes. The three different functions are made possible from an adjustable center-loading arm. It’s easy to use by locking-in the loading arm at the correct angle. When not in use, it’s low profile and even looks pretty cool. At around 100 bucks, you really can’t beat this sturdy and versatile roof rack solution.


– Folds flat for easy storage
– Installs in minutes. no tools required
– Fits most cross bars*
– Includes tie down straps and hooks
– Can hold 2 kayaks

* Cross bars not included


Here is some mess you might need.