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So You Wanna Yak?

Yak Wisdom | read time 3 minutes

Well It’s About Time!

So Yakkin’ Sure LOOKS Fun!

With the growing popularity of yakking, you can hardly scroll through your Facebook news feed without seeing at least a baker’s dozen of yakker photos where everyone is grinning ear to ear. All of the photos show elated people in the great outdoors doing something that they love — and, if you’ve never seen or tried it before, just some quick glances at these photos can stimulate your curiosity.  You try to picture yourself with friends or family in ya’lls own yaks going downstream and having a ball.  But just because you see all these great photos, don’t run to the store just yet and drop a paycheck on a big ol’ hunk of plastic without reading our “wish I had known that” list!

Almost To the Fun Part

All those photos show people right in the middle or fun part part of yakking.  It’s that middle part of the trip that we all enjoy and what keeps us coming back for more, but there many many other less enjoyable tasks that you must complete before and after the “fun” part. These things include planning out your trip and coordinating your group.  Anyone that has ever been involved in a group project or trip can attest to the aggravations of organizing and getting everyone on the same page. Being a virgin yakker, we strongly advise you to go with at least one more person and preferably someone experienced.  This same bit of advice can be applied to another fun activity but we will never discuss that on this site.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

This group effort is extremely important if you are going in to remote locations where there are no shuttles or outfitter services.  Strapping your kayaks securely and safely is a necessity even for the shortest of hauls.  With some locals, the loading and unloading of kayaks and hauling them up and down steep inclines just to reach the water can prove to be a formidable feat within itself.   At other locations you can drive almost to the water and merely offload your yak and push it into the water.  Making sure you have all the correct gear and resources needed for your trip can make or break a good time.  You can literally find yourself up that well-known creek … without a paddle.  

Yakkin’ Is For Anyone and Everyone

You most certainly do not have to be a fitness freak to enjoy recreational yakking, but at certain times it can be more strenuous depending on your environment.  If you have existing health problems or concerns. it may be wise to consult your primary care physician before making that initial investment in the sport.  If you find no deterrents and think yakking is the right sport for you, it’s time to take that first step and decide on which kayak to invest so you can go yakking! All yakkers know a yak in the hand is worth two in the water.

Here are a few great yaks to get started.